New Workshops Offered

Hi Everyone. I am inviting you to the last two workshops of the year. The October 21st workshop is for women only. That Women Empowered Workshop information can be found here: I have also posted a flyer; click here to download it.

The Elimination of Taxation and Debt Accumulation Frustration workshop will be held October 28th and that information is also posted on a flyer; click here to download it.

At both these events I will be sharing information that can save you thousands of dollars on your 2017 tax return, among other very important information that will jump start your 2018.

Women, the speakers at the October 21st event will blow you away. I pray that you will be able to come and invest in yourself. Please share with others that will benefit from the knowledge.
Blessings,  SPJ

sherry-peel-jacksonnew-200x300About Sherry

Sherry Peel Jackson is a former certified public accountant and fraud examiner with experience spanning over 28 years in public, private and governmental accounting. She has a passion for delivering financial education and consultation to people that are determined to take control of their financial future.

Ms. Jackson has conducted basic and advanced financial education seminars across the U.S. She has also instructed financial survival courses for various associations, including private companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and churches.

Ms. Jackson has substantial experience in the financial industry. She has performed full-scale and specialty audits, training seminars, and wealth building workshops. Ms. Jackson regularly consults with groups and individuals, revealing strategies for financial empowerment, and recommending long-term solutions for continued economic growth.

What sets Sherry apart is that she promotes the idea that people should start home-based businesses to become detached from government and corporate control in their financial lives.

She also advocates off-shore investments and business structures to help families create the same type of family fortresses as the well-known power elite families in the U.S. Ms. Jackson believes that applied knowledge is power, and the knowledge to gain wealth, which has been hidden from the general public and only shared among select groups, is now available to everyone, putting us all on equal footing.

Ms. Jackson received her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license in 1987, and her Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation in 2001. However, she relinquished her licenses in 2007 in order to teach the truth about our financial world without restraint.

A Message from Sherry

Renew Your Mind, Increase Your Resources and Control Your Financial Future!

If you’re living below your potential, it’s time to rise above! Today fraud corruption and manipulation are rampant in Government, Corporate America and even in the Church. People are looking for truth. People are looking for ways to thrive instead of just surviving day to day. The world has lost its moral compass and our quality of life is on the decline.

Having extensive knowledge concerning the declining economic conditions many are facing today, I will show you how to understand your financial world and rise above uncertainty, providing you with ways to bring stability and prosperity back to our homes, communities and nations.


"I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owed over $100,000! I got scared but then I went to Sherry. She asked me some questions and discovered that, among other issues, the IRS was trying to tax me on an IRA that I had properly rolled over! After bringing their error to their attention the amount due was significantly decreased!" 

 — P. Casey

“The IRS was sending me letters claiming that I owed thousands of dollars in back taxes from a business that had been closed for years. I didn't have any money and didn't know what to do or where to turn. I contacted Sherry and she told me exactly what to do and what to say. I ended up paying $500 to settle the case. Sherry helped me move on with my life by shedding the past!”

 — D. Bell

“Our business is in the growing stages and we also moved from one major city to another. In the midst of these transitions we failed to file our 2014 and 2015 partnership tax returns. Once they were done and filed in late 2016, even though there was no tax owed, the IRS charged us $5,000 for each late return, $10,000! We were stunned and afraid, but we called Sherry and asked her what to do. She told us exactly what to do from A to Z and when we followed her instructions the IRS deleted the penalties!  Thanks Sherry!”

 — B. Roumain

Invite Sherry Peel Jackson to deliver a timely and remarkable presentation for your company or organization today!

Most Requested Speaking Topics:

  • Why the wealthy stay wealthy
  • Elite strategies for preserving your financial future
  • Trouble-free debt reduction tactics that work
  • Retiring young with minor changes to your life schedule
  • Thriving during retirement devoid of economic worries