About Sherry

Sherry Peel Jackson is a former, certified public accountant and fraud examiner with experience spanning over 28 years in public, private and governmental accounting. She has a passion for delivering financial education and consultation to people that are determined to take control of their financial future.

Ms. Jackson has substantial experience in the financial industry. She regularly consults with groups and individuals, revealing strategies for financial empowerment, and recommending long-term solutions for continued economic growth.

Ms. Jackson works closely with pastors and ministries in their personal and church/organizational financial offices, helping them increase revenues and decrease expenses to have more available for the work of the Lord.

Ms. Jackson promotes the idea that individuals should start home-based businesses to become detached from government and corporate control in their financial lives. She also advocates off-shore investments and business structures to help families create the same type of family fortresses as the well-known power elite families in the U.S.

She believes that applied knowledge is power, and the knowledge to gain wealth, which has been hidden from the general public and only shared among select groups, is now available to everyone, putting us all on equal footing.

Ms. Jackson audited ministers for 2.5 years of her stint as an IRS agent. She is very familiar with the harmful strategies used to damage the finances and reputations of churches, pastors and ministry leaders.

She is passionate about uplifting the Body of Christ by ensuring that ministers avoid falling into the traps that are often set to thrust them into the negative spotlight while their persecutors acquire fame and recognition.

A Message from Sherry

Change The Way You View Your Ministry Potential Forever!

Today fraud corruption and manipulation are rampant in Government, Corporate America and even in the Church. People are looking for truth. People are looking for ways to thrive instead of just surviving day to day.

The world has lost its moral compass and our quality of life is on the decline. Radical groups are out to malign ministries, with the help of the mainstream media and anti religious organizations. Even government officials are launching investigations of successful ministries around the country.

Having extensive knowledge concerning the declining economic conditions many are facing today, I will show ministry leaders how to understand their financial world and rise above uncertainty, providing them with ways to bring stability and prosperity back to their homes, communities and nations.


“We have used Sherry’s consulting services for many years. She always responds promptly and works until the job is done. Because of Sherry, our church and personal finances are continuously above reproach.”

 — Pastor Marvin and First Lady Natalie Shaw

“I would like to add that seeing you yesterday gave me so much motivation to keep fighting for the life I know God placed me on this earth to live and to help those who are less fortunate. I've watched your videos, listened to some of your interviews etc. and I knew I had to meet you. You have given me so much life and I'm sure along with countless others. Thank you for being who you are and being so kind to share not only your story but your life with me and others."

 — E. Whitaker

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Most Requested Speaking Topics:

  • How to protect the church assets and your personal and business assets
  • How to minimize financial and audit risk in your church
  • How to protect your privacy and dramatically lower your taxes
  • How to structure your church finances for the maximum benefit of the Body
  • What the wealthy elite are doing to prepare for the coming economic earthquake